10 Handy Tips for Your Farm

All equestrians know the horse world can get a little pricey. We’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeves, especially when it comes to saving a little time or money! These ten handy tips will just add to your list!

  1. Bailing twine – Bailing twine is great! It can be used for tying a few flakes of hay together, hanging buckets, and more. Have you ever thought of saving your trailer ties, cross ties, or hitching posts with twine? Tie the twine to the clasp. If your horse pulls back, the twine will break, not your cross or trailer tie.
  2. Rubber mats – Rubber mats are found in most horse stalls. This makes the ground a little more forgiving for your horse’s legs. Rubber mats can also help to reduce mud. Just lay a rubber mat on a high traffic area prior to the rain.
  3. Duct tape – Not only is duct tape useful around your home, it can be useful in your barn as well. Duct tape can fix cracked buckets, it can be used for a temporary stall sign and so much more.
  4. Baby wipes – This is a tack box must have! Whether you are ready to show or just trying to clean up a bit, baby wipes will do the trick!
  5. Dish scrubbers – Dish scrubbers get your dishes nice and clean, but have you ever thought of using them on your horse’s whites? Cheap and easy!
  6. Pool skimmers – Don’t put your pool skimmers away at the end of the summer. Skimmers can be used to remove debris from your horse’s water. In the winter, it can remove ice chunks.
  7. Old socks – Use an old sock as a tail bag. Just cut three strips at the top to tie into your horse’s tail.
  8. Old milk jugs or coffee cans – Don’t trash these when you are finished with them! Use them in the barn as a grain scoop. Just make sure you know what the measurements are.
  9. Velcro strips – Velcro strips are great for your horse’s sport boots. Put a strip up in your trailer or tack room and just stick your boots to them.
  10. Apple juice or Gatorade – If you are traveling to an unfamiliar place, you may want to bring a jug of apple juice or Gatorade to add to their water. This will encourage your horse to drink and may even be a treat for you!

Handy barn hacks are a lifesaver for the savvy horse owner. Have you thought of these hacks before? What other hacks do you have to add to this list? We know there are more!

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