What is the Correct Trailer Tire Pressure in Summer?

trailer tire pressure in summerIt’s hot, it’s humid, your windows are steaming and your empty water bottles are inflating. The summer air is expanding as the sun bears down.

So maybe you’re wondering: what’s going on with my tires? The air inside them is expanding too, right?

Should I under-inflate them to compensate for this hot weather?

The short answer is: absolutely not.

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but getting the correct trailer tire pressure in summer is no different than in spring, fall, or winter.

Your tires are manufactured to be filled to the maximum PSI (pounds per square inch) and will make their own adjustments as you travel. So don’t try to outsmart them! Filling your tires below the maximum PSI at any time of year will leave them underinflated and more susceptible to blowouts.

Follow these general rules to get the correct trailer tire pressure in summer or any other season:

  1. Inflate tires to the maximum PSI when they’re cold (sitting in shade or storage) before beginning travel, regardless of the ambient temperature.
  2. Always check your tire pressure before traveling, even if your trailer hasn’t moved since you last checked; your tires may still have lost some air.
  3. Park your trailer on concrete, asphalt, or gravel to reduce moisture on tires, bearing grease, and any exposed wiring. If you must park on grass, put plywood boards under your tires.
  4. Always protect your trailer with a trailer cover that reaches to the bottom of your tires. Not only will this reduce heat and moisture damage on tire rubber, it will also extend the life of bearing grease and other components.

When we see someone drive up to Blue Ridge Trailers with a blown tire, it’s almost always due to under-inflation. Following the above rules will help you prevent this stressful and dangerous issue on the road.

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