Custom Trailer Modification – Does your trailer need a face-lift?

Some people have a soft spot in their hearts for their trusty old trailer and couldn’t bear the thought of trading it in for a younger, sportier model. This is actually not an uncommon scenario, especially with the current state of the economy. We see customers each month who love their trailer dearly, but have ideas for modifications here and there that would really make the trailer more user friendly or specifically suited to their individual needs. So we thought we would discuss a few of the modifications and customizations we’ve completed in our full service trailer shop. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Recently, we converted a four horse head-to-head trailer into a box stall alternative for a previously show circuit active client, now settling into a foaling operation. We installed a ramp for a particularly step-up-phobic equine and even added dividers to a stock trailer previously used for trail horses and in need of the upgrade for the cantankerous children’s ponies it now carried around who couldn’t quite seem to keep their hands to themselves in the open space. Not enough light in the space? An active hunt-master dropped by to have us replace all of his old fashioned, leaky windows with bright, tightly sealed alternatives; his hunt horses were very appreciative (and dry) post-replacement.

Of course, we have the occasional customer who arrives at our shop with a Adjustable Canoe / Kayak Trailerparticular trailer configuration in mind. A few of the most bizarre have been the canoe/kayak modified utility trailer and  “moon roof” telescope cargo trailer, both pictured below. For the river canoe/kayak outfitter, the problem was accommodating both the longer, larger canoes as well as shorter kayaks. Rob and the fabrication department solved the need with adjustable racks fitted along the length of the trailer; each rack can be moved to suit the needs of every craft going along for the trip!

Custom Telescope Trailer



Secondly, and perhaps the fabrication department’s greatest accomplishment, was the telescope trailer.The client needed to be able to take his huge telescope on the road for use at multiple locations, keeping it dry one hundred percent of the time without the hassle of loading and unloading it all of the time. The fabrication department took a standard cargo trailer and altered both the frame and floor to anchor the telescope inside. Also, and more impressively, they designed and equipped the trailer with a retractable roof!

Telescope Trailer Roof Profile


Although the alterations and revisions mentioned above are fairly large projects, our service department can perform almost any type of small repair, adaptation or fabrication. Extra saddle racks, blanket bars, bridle hooks and roof vents are a breeze and most of the time the work can be completed while you sit and wait.Adding water tanks, water pumps or air conditioners may take a little longer, but can mean a world of difference if you’re on the road for long periods of time. So if you’ve gotten into a love-hate relationship with your current trailer, bring it in for a discussion with the service department, or give us a call and you might just find that a few adjustments make it once more, a useful tool.

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