Is your Horse Safe in your Trailer

Horse in TrailerOur horses are like family members, so we wanted to share a checklist of items to ensure your horse is safe and snug when you load him into the trailer.

Driving the tow vehicle safely is the most important safety feature

  • Maintain distance between the vehicle in front for safe stopping
  • Accelerate and decrease speed slowly as well as while turning corners
  • Maintain a safe speed thru a turn- i.e. braking when turning off an interstate will stop the centrifugal force that holds the horse against the outside wall.
  • An adequate tow vehicle is mandatory. Having more vehicle than you need is the safest way to trailer.
  • Make sure the trailer is large enough for the horse.
  • Use a leather halter or a halter with a leather head stall.
  • If tying the horse’s head, use trailer ties with quick release snaps, leaving the quick release part snapped at the wall, away from a possibly struggling horse.
  • Bed the floor with shavings or sawdust
  • Do not leave a horse unattended in the trailer.
  • Do not leave a horse tied outside of a trailer, unattended.
  • Use mesh window covers if leaving drop feed windows down during travel.
  • Never leave an open window so the horse can stick his head out while traveling.
  • Leave nothing loose in the trailer as everything moves with the vibration of travel. Use bungees and snaps to tie all equipment down
  • If using hay net, tie it up high enough so that when it is empty a foot won’t get caught.
  • If hanging a water bucket using two sided snaps, make sure the snap side is away from the horse so nothing can get caught in the snap.

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