RIVER VALLEY SPOTLIGHT: Technology Matters in Horse Trailers

Improvements in technology make things better in our lives. This is especially true in horse trailer construction. Important innovations at the RIVER VALLEY (www.rivervalleyaluminumhorsetrailers.com) horse trailer plant include 20 Year Warranty Rumber Flooring (www.rumber.com), hot dipped galvanized steel frame/floor supports and interlocking insulated wall panels. These construction features make RIVER VALLEY a more comfortable and safer ride for your horses and contribute to long term durability of your trailer.

river-valley-logoRumber flooring was introduced into horse trailers in 1992. The tongue and groove boards are installed running front to back in a trailer. They are supported underneath with side to side floor supports, approximately 12″ to 15″ apart. In between these floor supports, Rumber boards will “flex,” thus reducing physiologic stress on joints and soft tissue. Horses experience less muscle fatigue, and there are no floor mats to pull when cleaning the trailer.

Hot dipped galvanized steel is the same product used in boat trailers. It is very light, its tensile strength is excellent, and it does not rust.

river-valley-trailerInterlocking insulated aluminum wall panels are strong, easy to keep clean, and produce a safe interior and exterior finish that will last the lifetime of your trailer. Interior temperature is significantly moderated due to the insulation, making your horses more comfortable. The exterior appearance is also enhanced by this safe and strong construction and comes in a variety of color combinations.

Contact us for more detailed information about Rumber and River Valley Trailers. Knowledge is power and technology matters. Let us teach you about which construction components and features make a trailer the safest and most functional for you and your horses.

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