Tire Pressure — Have You Checked Yours This Winter?

Proper air pressure is important at all times of the year. It can actually do a lot of great things for you. Your tires will last longer; give you more control while driving; and help to achieve better gas mileage. More importantly, it will help to avoid blowouts.

Tire pressure is directly related to the outside temperature. For every 10-degree change in temperature, tire pressure changes by 1 pound per square inch (PSI). So, as the temperatures across the country decreases during the winter, tire pressure does as well. This makes fall and early winter months the most crucial times to check tire pressure. If you are traveling this winter, you should check your tire pressure on both your truck and trailer tires monthly. If you are traveling long distances, you may want to check the tire pressure before you depart. Keep in mind, tire pressure needs to be checked when the tires are cold BEFORE beginning your travels.

{Blue Ridge Trailer Tip: Invest in a compressor so you can add air if you determine your pressure is low.}

To identify the correct tire pressure on your truck, check the placard located on the interior doorjamb of the vehicle. You can also find it in the owner’s manual. The trailer tire’s air pressure will be found stamped on the tire sidewall. Tire pressure recommendations are listed as “Maximum Cold Air Pressure.” Tires should be inflated to the maximum pressure found on the tire. Be cautious when you are taking pressure readings. Readings can be inaccurate if the tires are in direct sunlight.

If you haul a trailer frequently, you might consider investing in a tire pressure monitoring system. This system is created to alert you when there is a sudden drop in tire pressure.

If you only haul your trailer a few times a year, bring your trailer in for an inspection by one of our state certified trailer inspectors! Not only does Blue Ridge Trailers offer you quality products at the most competitive prices, we also offer a whole list of trailer services!

The leading factor in roadside breakdowns is tires – so don’t be another number! Check your tire pressure or bring it to us here at Blue Ridge to ensure safe travels all year round.

For more information on trailer tire pressure, visit: http://www.pennsylvaniaequestrian.com/issues/dec2013-flipbook/files/assets/basic-html/page12.html



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