Trailering Your Horse: Pre-Departure Safety Checklist

horse-trailering-saftey-checklistLoading your horse into a trailer can be a stressful event. Knowing your trailer and towing vehicle are prepared properly can ease the stress of travel. Take a moment to print out this checklist to keep in your trailer.

Before your trip make sure the vehicle maintenance and trailer maintenance are current. This is very important because towing puts additional stress on the tow vehicle.

  • Check and correct tire pressure on the tow vehicle and trailer
  • Make sure the wheel lug nuts/bolts on the tow vehicle and trailer are tightened to the correct torque.
  • Be sure the hitch, coupler, draw bar, and other equipment that connect the trailer and the tow vehicle are properly secured and adjusted.
  • Check that the wiring is properly connected – no touching the road, but loose enough to make turns without being disconnected or damaging the wires.
  • Make sure all running lights, brake lights, turns signals and hazard lights are working.
  • Verify that the brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are operating correctly.
  • Check that all items are securely fastened on and in the trailer.
  • Be sure the trailer jack, tongue support and any attached stabilizers are raise and locked in place.
  • Check load distribution to make sure the tow vehicle and trailer are properly balanced front to back and side to side.
  • Check side and rear view mirrors to make sure you have good visibility.
  • Check routes and restrictions on bridges and tunnels.
  • Make sure you have wheel chocks and jack stands.

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