Why Rumber Floors are a Must

rumber trailerImprovements in technology make things better in our lives. This is particularly true with respect to horse trailer construction.  Innovations include

  • Aluminum construction for lighter weight and lack of surface and frame rust (which reduces trailer life, affects appearance and resale value)
  • Rubber torsion axles providing a lifetime of low vibration suspension
  • Radial tires for less vibration and greater durability
  • One-piece aluminum roofs for longer life
  • 20 Year Warranty Rumber

Rumber boards first appeared in horse trailers in 1992.  The boards were designed to replace aluminum and wood floors covered with rubber matting. Board construction uses 100% recycled tires and plastics. The 1 ½” x 7” tongue and groove boards are installed running front to back in a trailer. They are supported underneath with floor supports, running side to side, approximately 10” to 15” apart.  In between these floor supports, Rumber boards will “flex” thus reducing physiologic stress on joints and soft tissue.

Horses experience less muscle fatigue associated with transportation than in a trailer with an aluminum or a wood floor.

Rumber boards are tough, durable and easy to clean-no floor mats to move.

  • Bed the horse area like a stall
  • Return home & remove wet saw dust and manure.
  • Every 10 weeks+-, wash the boards with a hose or pressure washer.
  • The surface texture will remain fresh for life.

Do yourself a favor and buy a trailer with Rumber flooring. Your horse will thank you every trip you make!

Donna Martin, Owner/Manager

BLUE RIDGE TRAILERS, Ruckersville, VA,  Where Rumber has been standard since 2001.

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