Winterization or State Inspection… It’s time your trailer gets some TLC

Fall is the perfect time to think about trailer maintenance, even though no one wants to think about trailer maintenance, ever. Summer’s warm days are behind us and so are the constant, long, horse show weekends on the road with your trailer. Now its time to think about fixing up all of those little problems that have been bugging you throughout the season and probably work on making an appointment to winterize your trailer; assuming you’re not hauling all the way to Florida for WEF! If you’re planning to go to WEF, then our advice would be to watch out for sunburns and bad drivers, I mean slow drivers, or wait…both? But in all seriousness, get your trailer serviced before you head out on the haul.

If you’re one of the many of us staying put for the winter, you might want to look into getting your trailer winterized or at a minimum, checked out. If you live in an area where you’ve had freezing temperatures overnight already, you absolutely need to make sure you drain ALL of the water out of your trailer’s water tank to avoid cracking and burst lines in the system. Given the unreliability of the weather forecast this should be a standard issue practice for fall.  If you have some little “issues” you want fixed, winter might be the best time to bring your trailer in for projects; you don’t need it, you can spread the cost of possibly pricey projects over several months and lets face it a newly serviced trailer could be the perfect Christmas gift for your wife! Well, perhaps it’s not, but there’s really only one way to find out…right?

In addition to winterization and standard state inspections the service department, upon request, does a full safety inspection going over and above the basic state guidelines with twice as much detail. For example, instead of simply checking one brake, one axle and one tire pressure, the safety inspection makes sure to do a thorough check of all of those items in addition to checking for leaks, structural integrity and suspension effectiveness, just to name a few. Early identification is especially helpful when it comes to leaky seams. Your wooly four legged friends will thank you when the wet and extremely busy spring rolls around and they don’t have to endure rain showers from inside the trailer. Caulking that is beginning to recede or shrink can be identified and fixed before the trailer actually starts to leak. So if you’re at all concerned about little creaks and groans you may want to go the extra mile and have the full safety inspection, you’ll get your state inspection sticker taken care of and be comforted by the warm reassuring feeling that your ponies are bouncing along safely and comfortably back there behind your truck.

So go for a trail ride, enjoy the changing leaves and brace yourself for the inevitable wintry chill just around the corner. Happy fall foliage!

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